Artist, Producer, Song Writer, and Brand Owner (Good Vibez Tribe/ New Trap Wave). I'm  from a small city named Butler Ga located middle Ga but now resides in Covington Ga. I began making music at an early age because it i wanted the advantage of mastering my craft early on and it was something I could vividly imagine myself  for the rest of my life . First I tried production but didn't enjoy the complications of making a beat so I began writing and engineering myself at the age of 14 . I began Producing full time three years later when I discovered that I could make music to my own beats. What GVT means to me is loyalty. it means more than just three letters and a hand shake. its something that's going to benefit the Melanated race in the future.  I've been consistently brand building for 6 years and now I am 100 percent confident in the work I am putting in to achieve my goal. for more info follow me on all social sites @queztrillazz and stay updated !